Top Trending Tech in 2020

Top Trending Tech in 2020

Change is the only thing that remains as a constant. Change is everywhere from daily life to fashion, industry to profession and more. Transforming yourself is also important in order to move forward. With the passage of time, technologists are coming with modern ideas and concepts. It is necessary to see the Top 10 Trending Technologies in the world. Here is the list of these essential technologies in ascending order.

Robotic Process Automation:

Generally, the RPA is being used in modern manufacturing industries. Automation is present everywhere. Leading organizations and manufacturers are coming towards more automation in order to achieve different benefits. Driverless cars or automatic customer support are some examples of RPA.

Big Data:

Big Data is a modern technology associated to storing and processing of several kinds of data. Majority of the organizations are using Big Data Analytics. This technology is highly beneficial for manufacturers, consumers, product research and marketing initiatives.

Intelligence Apps:

These are available in form of applications, software and even systems. Consider how you receive notification about something you searched on Google. This is artificial intelligence which enables the companies or manufacturers to find target customers. This technology is making marketing, promotion and other tasks easier.

Internet of Things (IoT):

This technology is very imperative and it is essentially working to create virtual networks with special features. This amazing technology is going to improve the mobile phones, refrigerators and even washing machines. The Internet of Things is also useful to design modern cities having efficient energy utilization, waste management and traffic systems.


Remember, DevOps is not a technology. It is a methodology which enables the users to develop and operate things in a one go. Now manufacturers are able to improve the working efficiency. The impact of this methodology is more prominent in workflows, automation infrastructure and performance monitoring systems.

Angular & React:

These are JavaScript based structures providing modern web development and application support. Using this technology enables the experts to create efficient web apps. It also enables the users to design perfect Smartphone apps with CSS, JS and HTML information.

Cloud Computing:

As a matter of fact, Cloud Computing is a veteran and it provides best computing features. It allows the organizations, companies and individuals to have a better financial protection and calculation system. According to the experts, Cloud Computing is among the top technologies. It is expected that Cloud Computing will remain popular in coming years as it doesn't have any alternative up to now.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality:

Remember, Virtual is real. The twin technologies (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality) are going to give a perfect experience. Now see things as a real. This technology is highly useful for medical experts.


This Blockchain is getting recognition nowadays. The Cryptocurrency is the best example of Blockchain. The famous coin Bitcoins depends on this modern technology. It is necessary to understand the implications of this technology in order to bring further improvement in different sectors such as healthcare, law enforcement and even presidential elections.

Artificial Intelligence:

The scope or existence of Artificial Intelligence was present even before the introduction of internet. Artificial Intelligence is now involved in modern tasks including technology transformation, computing and processing systems. This modern technology is going to give latest benefits such as driverless cars, pilotless vehicles and more.

What Are GMOs and GM Foods

What Are GMOs and GM Foods

The GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are any organisms including animals and plants having a modified genetic material such as DNA. These modifications are done according to an artificial approach. Remember, these modified are never expected in nature. This technology is also famous as "Modern Biotechnology." According to some experts, it would be better to call GMO technology as Gene Technology as it involves alteration in genetic materials. Use of this modern technology provides scientists a chance to improve any animal or plant. This improvement requires combination of desires features. For example, we humans desire to have cows giving more milk by consuming less fodder.

Why GM Foods are produced? It is a basic question. These foods are produced to benefit either the producer or end consumer. Producing a high-quality food product with less expense is a desirable factor. Genetic engineering allows the agriculturists to develop such foods such as fruits, vegetables and more. Initially, the GM food producers develop seeds and distribute these seeds in markets. They market or promote the GM seeds so producers (farmers) will accept these innovative seeds. The only aim to bring these seeds to the market is to create direct benefits for the farmers.

On the other hand, the GM foods are also attractive for the plant protection experts. There are hundreds of insect pests, diseases and infections damaging the animals and plants. Foods obtained from the damaged or infected organisms remain in low quality. These foods also fail to attract the buyers. This is a direct loss for farmers. Plant protection techniques such as pesticides or other chemicals are applied to kill the pests and harmful germs. However, these applications are dangerous for the consumers and environment. The GM crops and animals will come with modified resistance. This resistance will keep them safe from different damages so the final product will be of smart appearance and high quality.

Assessment of GM foods is necessary to evaluate different factors. Safe consumption is the first priority. Genetic modification seems beneficial but it may be dangerous for the users. During the process of gene modification, there are chances of getting undesired medications. Altering the gene sequence to achieve the desired feature may have impact on other genes. These undesired modifications could be positive as well as negative. National Food Authorities are responsible for the checking or assessment of GM foods.

What is the process of safety assessment? Normally, the experts focus on different factors including direct health effects, allergic reactions, any components containing toxic effects, the stability of altered genes, nutritional value of GM foods and any unwanted impacts of gene insertion.

Is there any health concern? Introduction of GM foods aims for the benefits of humans. However, it is not a natural thing that's why scientists are worried about the negative consequences. For example, scientists believe that changing genetic makeup of foods may change the same in consumers. This could lead to allergic reactions as well as genetic transformation and out-crossing.

What types of GM foods are available in the markets? You can find different types of GM foods. Plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables are available with high nutrition. On the other hand, these are also available with pesticide or herbicide free status. All these things are interesting for the consumers as they want to consume safe foods.

10 Emerging Technologies

10 Emerging Technologies

In the 1950s and 60s, the Futurists were saying that there will be flying cars, robots and other technologies in the early 2000s. Instead, we are using Smartphone, Live Streaming and other Social Networks in 2019. Today, futurists are saying that there will be impressive technologies that might change the world.

Voice Assistants:

You might be aware of Apple Homepod and Amazon Echo. These are primary examples of voice assistants. There is a prediction that people will use this technology in their homes, offices and in vehicles to enjoy artificial intelligence.


Crispr is a technology that helps humans to eliminate the genetic diseases and infections such as Cystic Fibrosis and Huntington. It is a gene-splicing technology that targets the mutated sections of DNA. It also replaces the removed sections with the non-mutated variants. This technology has the ability to remove the disease permanently.

Robot Assistants:

Whether it is a factory or a battlefield, robots are expected to approach to help humans. Boston Dynamics is one of the popular companies offering a wide range of robot assistants. Knightscope is another example of robot assistant production company. It produces robots for recognition of license plates and suspicious networks.

Augmented & Mixed Reality:

There were several doubts about whether augmented & mixed reality technology will be available or not. Today, Technology Giants such as Apple are working on similar technologies. There are authentic reports that Apple has developed AR Headset. This will replace the iPhone in coming years.

Regenerative Medicines:

It sounds like a science fiction story but Regenerative Medicines are in production. These medicines are effective to regenerate the human organs. Organovo is a famous company producing printers to design 3D printing body parts.

Driverless Vehicles:

Popular automakers including Volvo, General Motors and Tesla are already in this phase. They are developing driverless vehicles. However, these vehicles are in production and testing phase. General Motors is expected to launch its first driverless vehicle at the end of 2019. The concept of Pilotless vehicles is also present in the minds of technologists.

Reusable Rockets:

This technology is essential for NASA and other space agencies. Space exploration is impossible without producing cost-effective rockets. This will minimize the cost of space travel and transportation.


The concept of digital currency is not new. However, this idea is facing difficulties with implementation. Bitcoin ($10000 per coin at time of writing) is a successful example of Cryptocurrency. No doubt, the value of these coins is fluctuating but it is expected to get a raise in the future.

Quantum Computing:

The information or data processing depends on conventional 0 to 1 system. Nowadays, computers are very powerful but there are so many limitations. Scientists are proposing concept of quantum computers to process information in quantum bits. This will solve the challenging processing systems. No doubt, the technology is still in testing phase but Google and Microsoft are doing huge investments to develop smart or supercomputers.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence:

Most of the famous companies, manufacturers and brands are frequently using automation. Nowadays, the idea of artificial intelligence is also getting recognition. Social media networks are great example of artificial intelligence. Scientists are also working to make artificial intelligence systems to detect the fraud and hacking activities online. Synapse is a famous company allowing the users to contribute in automation and learning models. This will definitely change the artificial intelligence economy in business sectors.

Nanoparticles That Will Give Humans Night Vision

Nanoparticles That Will Give Humans Night Vision

Have you watched movies having superheroes? These superheroes come with modern technologies or attributes such as flight, X-Ray Vision, special strength and night vision. Is it possible to have these features in real? Scientists are trying hard to improve human body features and attributes. Nowadays, they are working on superpowers but in a scientific way. Introduction of Nanoparticles is a great achievement in the field of science. Researchers are going to create improved version of Nanoparticles for the betterment of mankind.

According to the recent reports (2019), a group of researchers is looking forward to bring amazing proposals at the upcoming American Chemical Society (ACS) in the National Meeting and Exposition. "There are only visible lights whenever we see the universe. This is amazing as it brings the attention towards new horizons," says Gang Han (PhD). Gang is a principal investigator working on the Nanoparticles. He also believes that adding new improvements such as Near-Infrared Vision will give us more power to see the universe in a new way. This technology may enable humans to study astronomy with the naked eye or have improved night vision without using modern tools.

Human eyes can detect the visible light having a wavelength of 400 to 700 nm (nanometers). Use of Near-Infrared Vision may bring these limits to 750 nm to 1.4 micrometers. Just like thermal imaging cameras providing us night vision, the human eye will be able to see in the dark. However, the night vision tools or devices are inconvenient and bulky. This is why researchers are working on modern Nanoparticles to bring further convenience in this matter. "Injecting the NIR Vision with a modern technology known as UCNPs (Upconversion Nanoparticles) will give positive impacts," they added. This technology uses rare elements such as Ytterbium and Erbium. These elements can convert low energy photons into a much higher energy green light. This green light becomes visible for mammal eyes.

Is there any study published worldwide? Yes, there are several research studies available for the readers. A year ago, a team of researchers from Massachusetts Medical School published a study showing positive outcomes of UCNPs. They injected the technology in the eyes of a mouse and monitored the activities. The results were highly promising as the mouse was able to keep the injected gene and transform the NIR Light.

On the other hand, the mouse was also able to find survival routes in a test. Researcher made a Y-shaped tube having one opening in water while second at the surface of table. They trained the mouse to swim in water. This training was given so the mouse will move towards the visible light across the water. However, they were amazed when mouse left the water route by following an invisible light in the other part of tube. This light was invisible to other mice having no UCNPs injected.

A group of scientists is now planning to inject this UCNP in the man's best friend, a dog. This project aims to deliver dogs NIR light vision so they can see in the dark. Let's see the results of this study. The experts will become able to develop Nanoparticles that will give humans night vision after seeing the results of experiments on dogs. It means that humans are close to get superpowers in the future.