Nanoparticles That Will Give Humans Night Vision

Nanoparticles That Will Give Humans Night Vision

Have you watched movies having superheroes? These superheroes come with modern technologies or attributes such as flight, X-Ray Vision, special strength and night vision. Is it possible to have these features in real? Scientists are trying hard to improve human body features and attributes. Nowadays, they are working on superpowers but in a scientific way. Introduction of Nanoparticles is a great achievement in the field of science. Researchers are going to create improved version of Nanoparticles for the betterment of mankind.

According to the recent reports (2019), a group of researchers is looking forward to bring amazing proposals at the upcoming American Chemical Society (ACS) in the National Meeting and Exposition. "There are only visible lights whenever we see the universe. This is amazing as it brings the attention towards new horizons," says Gang Han (PhD). Gang is a principal investigator working on the Nanoparticles. He also believes that adding new improvements such as Near-Infrared Vision will give us more power to see the universe in a new way. This technology may enable humans to study astronomy with the naked eye or have improved night vision without using modern tools.

Human eyes can detect the visible light having a wavelength of 400 to 700 nm (nanometers). Use of Near-Infrared Vision may bring these limits to 750 nm to 1.4 micrometers. Just like thermal imaging cameras providing us night vision, the human eye will be able to see in the dark. However, the night vision tools or devices are inconvenient and bulky. This is why researchers are working on modern Nanoparticles to bring further convenience in this matter. "Injecting the NIR Vision with a modern technology known as UCNPs (Upconversion Nanoparticles) will give positive impacts," they added. This technology uses rare elements such as Ytterbium and Erbium. These elements can convert low energy photons into a much higher energy green light. This green light becomes visible for mammal eyes.

Is there any study published worldwide? Yes, there are several research studies available for the readers. A year ago, a team of researchers from Massachusetts Medical School published a study showing positive outcomes of UCNPs. They injected the technology in the eyes of a mouse and monitored the activities. The results were highly promising as the mouse was able to keep the injected gene and transform the NIR Light.

On the other hand, the mouse was also able to find survival routes in a test. Researcher made a Y-shaped tube having one opening in water while second at the surface of table. They trained the mouse to swim in water. This training was given so the mouse will move towards the visible light across the water. However, they were amazed when mouse left the water route by following an invisible light in the other part of tube. This light was invisible to other mice having no UCNPs injected.

A group of scientists is now planning to inject this UCNP in the man's best friend, a dog. This project aims to deliver dogs NIR light vision so they can see in the dark. Let's see the results of this study. The experts will become able to develop Nanoparticles that will give humans night vision after seeing the results of experiments on dogs. It means that humans are close to get superpowers in the future.