Starting a new business? Here's some technology

Starting a new business? Here’s some technology

Find out what you need

The first step when you open up a new company and start sourcing technology is to find out what you need. Simple, right? Not always. Technology changes rapidly and the needs of your company can change not just week to week but day to day. Get more than one expert opinion on the type and quality of hardware and software required to get you off the ground. Plus, do not try to cut corners when it comes to buying the technology either. It pays to invest in the top of the line; it costs to pick up the cheapest kit.

Pay attention to your website

The days of a basic website with a phone number, a few images and a contact us page are dead and gone. Nowadays, your website will be as crucial as point of contact as your main location. Ensure that it is visually impressive, easy to navigate, informative, friendly and that is comes with an effective data capture form. Invest in a web-team if you don't have the ability to do it yourself.

Take advantage of the cloud

Whether you like it or not, you are about to open a business in the era of Big Data. 90% of the world's data was created in the last 10 years and this figure will be bigger 10 years from now. You simply have to have all the tools you possibly can get to control and use this data to your advantage. Do not drown in a sea of information. Utilise cloud storage to back up all that crucial company info.

Get mobile

These days, every customer expects any product or service they buy to be flexible and easy to use. Mobile working is a big part of how you can provide it. To keep up with the pace, kit your workforce with tablets and Smartphones. This way everybody stays in the data loop at all times.

Security, security, security

Is there anything more important these days then the safety of your information? Adopt a strong password policy throughout your whole workforce, ensure your information is backed up and install the most airtight security solutions to your hardware.