Technology innovations that will help your busines

Technology innovations that will help your busines

With all the technological innovations that come down the pipeline these days, it's no wonder so many business people are confused as to which they should adopt and which they should avoid. This guide will highlight three excellent recently released pieces of technology that can really add something to your company's set-up.

The Wall Street Scanner

Considering the sheer speed with which data moves in the modern business world, any app, device or software that helps you keep in touch with crucial information as it becomes available is a must-get for the modern company. The Wall Street Scanner is an iPhone app that keeps you and your office connected to the latest economic happenings, regardless of where you are located.

By scanning social networks, tracking corporate sites and checking the stock market minute by minute, this app delivers simple, logically laid out graphs and forecasts regarding all the latest stock trends. This is one of the best ways to get a simple reading of today's economic climate.


The last thing you want to worry about as a company owner or office administrator is new technology that ends up slowing you down. What you are looking for is technology that simplifies what you do, without sacrificing any productivity. Connected HQ is a great example of that latter concept in action.

An intuitive, logically laid out dashboard interface, this brings together all your social media onto a single space. For just $10 per month, you get a brilliantly simplified gateway to your email, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin profiles, plus whatever other profiles you utilise to boost your business. Perfect for the company that does not have time to mess around, logging in and out of platforms.


It's likely you are already signed up for a service that allows you to keep all your files on a cloud-based platform. Soonr does this too, but comes with the advantage of being optimised for workgroup projects.

If your business runs on collaboration, then Soonr will be ideal. It configures alerts so all the team is kept in the data loop at all times, while projects can easily be assigned across your workforce from a single, centralised space.