Top Trending Tech in 2020

Top Trending Tech in 2020

Change is the only thing that remains as a constant. Change is everywhere from daily life to fashion, industry to profession and more. Transforming yourself is also important in order to move forward. With the passage of time, technologists are coming with modern ideas and concepts. It is necessary to see the Top 10 Trending Technologies in the world. Here is the list of these essential technologies in ascending order.

Robotic Process Automation:

Generally, the RPA is being used in modern manufacturing industries. Automation is present everywhere. Leading organizations and manufacturers are coming towards more automation in order to achieve different benefits. Driverless cars or automatic customer support are some examples of RPA.

Big Data:

Big Data is a modern technology associated to storing and processing of several kinds of data. Majority of the organizations are using Big Data Analytics. This technology is highly beneficial for manufacturers, consumers, product research and marketing initiatives.

Intelligence Apps:

These are available in form of applications, software and even systems. Consider how you receive notification about something you searched on Google. This is artificial intelligence which enables the companies or manufacturers to find target customers. This technology is making marketing, promotion and other tasks easier.

Internet of Things (IoT):

This technology is very imperative and it is essentially working to create virtual networks with special features. This amazing technology is going to improve the mobile phones, refrigerators and even washing machines. The Internet of Things is also useful to design modern cities having efficient energy utilization, waste management and traffic systems.


Remember, DevOps is not a technology. It is a methodology which enables the users to develop and operate things in a one go. Now manufacturers are able to improve the working efficiency. The impact of this methodology is more prominent in workflows, automation infrastructure and performance monitoring systems.

Angular & React:

These are JavaScript based structures providing modern web development and application support. Using this technology enables the experts to create efficient web apps. It also enables the users to design perfect Smartphone apps with CSS, JS and HTML information.

Cloud Computing:

As a matter of fact, Cloud Computing is a veteran and it provides best computing features. It allows the organizations, companies and individuals to have a better financial protection and calculation system. According to the experts, Cloud Computing is among the top technologies. It is expected that Cloud Computing will remain popular in coming years as it doesn't have any alternative up to now.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality:

Remember, Virtual is real. The twin technologies (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality) are going to give a perfect experience. Now see things as a real. This technology is highly useful for medical experts.


This Blockchain is getting recognition nowadays. The Cryptocurrency is the best example of Blockchain. The famous coin Bitcoins depends on this modern technology. It is necessary to understand the implications of this technology in order to bring further improvement in different sectors such as healthcare, law enforcement and even presidential elections.

Artificial Intelligence:

The scope or existence of Artificial Intelligence was present even before the introduction of internet. Artificial Intelligence is now involved in modern tasks including technology transformation, computing and processing systems. This modern technology is going to give latest benefits such as driverless cars, pilotless vehicles and more.